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              Lori S • Anna is brilliant. Go see her.  Whether it's for a specific injury or issue or "general maintenance",  Anna is -- without a doubt-- 

              a miracle worker.  As a yoga teacher and former studio owner, I have been lucky enough to work with many,  many gifted healers and body workers.  Anna still stands alone in her ability, experience, and demeanor.  She is incredibly educated in many different modalities, some of which I have never experienced elsewhere, has a deep and accurate intuition, and is also one of the kindest and most down-to-earth people I have ever met.  She will put you right at ease from the moment you arrive, and then will hone in on what your body needs in ways that are completely unexpected and end up being completely dead-on correct.

Not only has she helped me through countless injuries, I've also sent scores of students and friends her way.  I recommend her constantly, and everyone has the same experience: Wow. Just wow. It's hard to describe exactly what she does, but you wear comfy clothes and lie down on the table, and then she moves you around. Sort of.  She'll be happy to talk to you the whole time or stay quiet the whole time, you lead the way on that.  When you leave, you will feel better.  You can go once for a specific thing, or multiple times for deep injuries or ongoing body issues.  I've been seeing Anna for over 10 y ears now, and I can not recommend her highly enough.

            Ladee L • I was referred to Anna after I suffered a foot injury.  She helped rehabilitate me, not once, but about three other times (I am                          a clumsy  person). I also visit her to just maintain a sense of balance within my body.   I cannot tell you how rewarding the experience is overall.  Anna's energy is incredibly positive and warm.  She is a true healer.  The clinic is easy to get to, great location and nicely staffed.  The room that she uses is clean, tranquil and has a great view.  I would recommend parking a couple blocks south west of Barrington to maximize your time.

            R. J. • I was referred to Anna by my girlfriend (disclosure: they are friends) due to my chronically sore shoulder and back.  I've tried both                  conventional and complimentary methods of controlling my pain (which was at times acutely painful and at times just sore), but nothing worked as well as the session I had with Anna.  I can't describe  exactly what she did or why it worked, but I walked out of there feeling taller and in less pain than ever since my initial injury!  Anna also gave me exercises to do at home, methods for sitting properly at work, and for body positioning while sleeping.  Anna somehow manages to be professional, courteous, patient, and energetic, but more than anything she's effective!  My recommendation of her is unequivocal.

           Madhumati G • I consider myself very fortunate to be in Anna's professional care!  After almost 20 years of struggling with neck and                          back pain due to herniated discs and other problems, after multiple treatments, both holistic and conventional that included acupuncture, ayurveda, pain medications and even surgery, I have found impressive results after just one session of Anna's bodywork.  She has worked with me to find personalized recommendations that have considerably improved my overall health and quality of life.Anna's kind, compassionate, empathetic holistic approach to overall wellness is remarkable and I have recommended family and friends to her time and again.  I trust you will find her services as soothing and healing as I have.  My deepest gratitude to Anna for her continuous support and healing insights.  

           John N • In the opening half minute of my first treatment with Anna Cherekovsky, I recognized that her magic hands touch, soothe, warm,                electrify, enliven, and heal.  Which meant I was getting exactly what I'd come for...and much more.  In future sessions, I was also to benefit from her seemingly endless practical knowledge of muscles, nerves, energy centers, and the subtle, most unrecognized interconnections among the parts of my body.  She's great!  I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to nurture an authentic connection with their personal reality!

             Mercedes B • I have chronic diseases, like TMJ and constipation, and every time I've had a session with Anna has been like a miracle. 

             I never thought they could do this kind of massage inside the mouth,  it is amazing how it relaxes the whole body,  also when she does her work with my intestines, it is so deep.  I'm really thankful that I met her and wish she can help more people.

             Krsangi • Before I met Anna, I was a mess.  I just had two surgeries.  I was bloated and my abdomen was full of adhesions.  My internal                   organs were stagnant -- in Anna's words, "they were angry!"  But with Anna's magical hands that worked on them with patience, love and care, they started to give in.  After each session, I would feel that I was floating in the air.  I feel so wonderful.  Now after the few sessions that I had with her, things have changed tremendously.  The adhesions have softened.  I am less bloated and I am with practically no pain.  I would highly recommend her with full confidence to anyone who is having trouble with adhesions after surgeries or suffering from body ailments.  She also gave me a few exercises to do at home and I do them almost every day and those also helped me tremendously.  I am so grateful to her!

             Sonja B • In the decade since I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle, I have seen over 50 bodywork practitioners,  chiropractors,                           massage therapists, energy healers, osteopathic physicians, and on and on.   I have never experienced anyone with the gifts and skills that can approach those of Anna. She is simply the best! I highly recommend her!

Peacock Chaddar by Isanah Devi Dasi

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