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To relieve neck and back stress at night 


Take 4 pillows and stack 2 on top of each other.  You will be lying on your back with your legs up on the pillows.  One set of 2 pillows goes under your knees and the other set of 2 pillows goes under your feet.  Use a contour pillow to support the natural curve of the neck.  The contour pillow will support and release the natural curve of the neck. The pillows allow your back to lengthen and release by using gravity.  You do not have to sleep in this position, but try to stay there for 10-15 minutes.


If you do not have a contour pillow, take a basic hand towel and fold it in half vertically, roll it into a roll, like a baguette, and put it under your neck.  If your head feels like it is tipping backwards, take a 2nd hand towel, fold it in half vertically and then fold it into a square. Place the square towel underneath the base of your head and your head will be lifted up just enough to not feel like it is tipping backwards.  If one square towel is not enough, add more until you feel comfortable.

Your arms can be in one of 3 positions: 1) palms down - most common, but rolls the shoulders forward and tightens the chest a bit;

2) palms pointing towards the ceiling, which will open the shoulder girdle with gravity; 3) right hand on belly and left hand over the heart, cozy and more open than position #1.

To relieve lower back stress while seated


Put your feet up on yoga blocks or a wooden block about 4"x8"x18".  This will bring your your knees up

to or above hip height releasing the lower back and allowing the spine to stack properly all the way up

to your neck.  Blocks can be used any place you are seated, like a computer, desk, dining room table, or sewing machine.  Putting glides on the 4 corners of each block will allow the blocks to move with your feet on any surface - wood, linoleum or carpet. 

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