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3 Fold Bodywork

Anna Cherekovsky, CMT


Structural Alignment

CranioSacral Therapy

Visceral Manipulation

“Dancing, fabric and gardening is a metaphor that I use to define my unique style of bodywork.  


I look at the body from the perspective of a dancer or athlete. What is the range of motion, flexibility, strength, and weakness of the individual’s body?


As I put my hands on a client, I am feeling the fabric of their tissues.  How do the muscles, organs, ligaments, and nerves feel in relation to the surrounding tissues?  Do they slide against each other, or is there a pull or drag between them?

Do they hang smoothly, like fabric draping on its’ bias, or is there a draw, like the collar of a shirt when the sleeve is pulled? Is the fabric (the tissue) pulled so tightly that the boney structure is no longer in its’ proper alignment?


Just as untwisting a garden hose allows the water to flow smoothly and unimpeded, releasing the impingements in the body’s conduits allows the blood, lymph, nerve signals, and chi to flow smoothly to the tissues and structures, supporting the well-being of the entire body.”

The session takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

For the Spanish speaking community, se atiende en español.


In Addition

Clients may be given simple stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home to

reinforce the work performed during the session.

What to Wear

Please wear clothes that are clean, comfortable, loose and stretchy, like a T-shirt

and sweat pants or work out gear.  If you are a pet owner, please be sure that what

you are wearing is free of pet fur and dander.


Flower Skirt Design by Isanah Devi Dasi

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